Living dreams; Warm welcomes; Heartfelt smiles; Everyday bravery


We value

Living Dreams

Life is about more than just meeting basic needs, wellbeing and fulfilment go hand in hand.

Warm Welcomes

Delighting in the presence of others, building rich and rewarding relationships.

Heartfelt Smiles

Finding joy in every step, celebrating both ambitions and achievements, loving life.

Everyday Bravery

Finding the courage to step up, speak out and try our best.

Boldly Progressive

Committing to both the process and the goal, confident that amazing things are possible along the way.

Larches has been an extraordinary influence in our daughter Gabs’s life. She has developed a far greater social confidence. The end-of-term shows that Larches produces for the participants are a revelation. Jonathan Joseph, Gabs’s Dad

Larches Community have given Priya a sense of belonging. A place of her own, where she is not judged or pressured, but is supported in growing and developing. Nisma (Priya’s sister)

Since I have been coming to Larches Community, I have become more confident, assertive and independent and really look forward to the days I am at Larches Community. Angharad